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Diabetes Reversal Program

Reduce your HbA1c

80% participants with Type 2 Diabetes reduced their HbA1c to pre diabetic levels within 6 months

Manage your Weight

Almost all obese and overweight patients lost considerable weight while on our program.

Cut Down on Medication

70% of participants reduced their use of diabetes medicines while improving blood glucose control

Holistic Improvement in Health

90% of participants noted drastic improvement in all major health parameters including blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, kidney and liver issues.

6 Month Subscription

₹ 5999

Dedicated Diabetes Coach

Your dedicated Diabetes Coach will hold a comprehensive consultation with you as soon as your subscription begins. They will also be available for you on Phone and Whatsapp

Live Yoga & Workout Sessions

Live Yoga and Workout sessions are scheduled daily. 

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